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Selecting The Right Granite Counter-Tops

Granite is a natural stone that is majorly preferred for countertops. It is smooth, durable and beautiful kind of a rock. Also, it is resistant to extreme temperature differences. The countertops are not easily damaged by freezing temperatures or by hot temperatures.

Quality granite is defined as being strong and durable. Granite quality depends on the process used when cutting and polishing. In some cases, the stone crack while being blasted from the hills. A number of pieces chopped from these stones will have some fissures. Chopping rocks from the hills is an expensive task. To recover the costs incurred in blasting, the quarry business people trade these faulty stones at a subsidized rate. The factory owners use different technical methods to camouflage the fissures. These granite countertops are also prone to damage during the storage or transportation process.

Therefore, it is good to pay attention to the quality of the stone when buying granite countertop. It may be difficulty to notice the cracks on the granite countertops because of the methods used by the factory professionals to conceal the fissure imperfections. It becomes difficult for one to tell if the rock is of good quality unless you are aware of what to look for. The factors highlighted below will assist you in selecting the right granite countertop for your home.

The experts in this field use technology to seal these crevices on stones. Identifying a deformity from the polished surface of a countertop is impossible. When inspecting granite slabs for cracks you have to turn and check the unpolished side of the stone slab. Check closely for proper inspections. It is essential to practice this tactic when buying granite countertops for your house.

Arranged Flaws
Good quality granite are usually beautiful. The appearance of the decorations may be uneven The uneven defects is as a result of unequally circulated minerals in the stone. Such as the quartz stone that is known to have uneven distributed white patches. These are known to have weak quality slabs as they break easily. Polishing may hide the imperfections but cannot be used tin upgrading the quality of the countertops. The evenness of the granite stone pattern is one of the ways you may be sure that you are buying a quality granite benchtops.

Consistency in Thickness
You can easily identify a slab that has unequal width. Prior to buying granite countertops for your home, make sure you closely inspect and confirm that the slabs thickness is uniform in granites of your choice. You should always make sure you buy slabs that have even width for your granite countertops. To avoid easy breakages of the slabs avoid purchasing thin slabs, they are not long lasting. Avoid disappointments and do vigorous inspection of the slabs before you purchase, to make sure you are issued with quality granite countertops.

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