Tips for Getting the Right Sport Shirts

Purchasing a new shirt seems like a pretty straightforward and easy process. Unfortunately, if men don’t follow a few tips, they may purchase shirts that are too big, too small, or that just don’t look right on them. The good news is that there are a few guidelines any man can use to ensure they get a shirt that fits them perfectly.

The Fit

One of the first things to consider is the fit of the sport shirts being considered. Some of the factors that impact the fit are found here.

  • Shoulders. The shirt seams need to sit right on the edge of the shoulders.
  • Sleeves. The sleeves should be fitted around the arms and not extend past the elbow.
  • Length. The bottom of the shirt needs to be long enough so it can be tucked into the pants but not so long it becomes bunched at the waist.
  • Stomach. The top needs to conform to the curve of the body.
  • Neck. When the arms are raised, there should not be a large gap around the neck.

Shirt Color

Another important consideration when selecting a new shirt is the color. There are several popular options, with each one being right for a certain skin tone. For example, white shirts will complement all skin tones while gray will enhance a person’s body shape. Black is another extremely versatile color option that complements virtually any outfit combination. Navy is more suitable for the day and looks great with jeans, while other colors can accentuate certain features. Take some time to experiment to see what works.

Keep in mind that there are millions of types of sports shirts available for purchase. It is a good idea to browse the options to find one that best suits a person’s needs. The material of the shirt is also going to play an important role in the one that is ultimately selected. Keep in mind that taking the time to find the right shirt will help a person feel confident and look great. Don’t simply choose any shirt off the rack. Be sure to consider the factors highlighted here carefully to find a shirt that looks great.