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What are Some of Your Guidelines in Choosing the Best Water Heater

Our main concern when deciding which water heater to use should focus on its efficiency since according to the department of energy, our use of energy is about 14 to 18 percent use of water heater. Know that there are two kinds of water heaters that you can choose from, and these are gas and electric water heaters. Natural gas is used by gas water heaters in generating the energy to heat water, on the other hand, electric resistance coils are used by electric heaters to produce the energy to heat your water. Gas water heaters are used by 60% of homes in the United States according to information, however, this does not automatically mean that you and your family would best to use this type of water heater. There is an information on the EF number or energy factor on both gas and electric water heaters, and this will help you compare the efficiency of the unit that you are looking. Be advised that the water heater with the bigger number has more efficiency.

In order to make the right decision when choosing a water heater for your family needs, there are some guidelines to know.

Let us look first at the advantages in buying gas heater. Generally, after using a gas heater for a year, the energy savings that you will get will give you a return of the investment you spent in purchasing it. If you have a large family, gas water heater is a good option since it can heat more water per hour than an electric water heater. Also, gas water heaters will continue working even on a power outage.

As far as the disadvantages of a gas heater, it is less efficient than electricity, it costs more than an electric heater, there is more heat loss through the walls of storage tank, there is a risk of explosion from gas leak, and you need to install extra piping for its gas exhaust.

On the other hand, you have the following benefits if you opt to get an electric water heater, and these are you have choices of larger and smaller tanks applicable for your long or short term use, this appliance is developed to only heat your water when the appliance is turned on, you get more energy savings because water is not constantly heated thereby the machine is more efficient, and there is no need for a release exhaust in this kind of water heater thus you only need a small space.

Depending on which area you live, the cost of electricity against the gas will matter, plus the size of your family, will ultimately help you decide which water heater you will buy for your family use. Note that gas and electric heaters usually have the same installation prices will last several years.

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