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Everything You Need to Know About Airless Paint Sprayers If you’re looking into an airless paint sprayer, there are probably two primary features that you find attractive. First, there’s speed. You’ll likely be able to finish your work in half the usual time compared to using a roller or brush. And the second reason has to do with finish quality: it’s terrifically simple to paint a large surface without ending up with too many imperfections in the final product. At the same time, it’s hard to get one of these for less than $200 or so. There’s some controversy about how much you get for your dollar. In general, spending a bit more gets you a more efficient motor and more durable materials. You also need to decide whether to buy your sprayer outright or rent it instead. Of course, owning it means you can use it whenever you want. On the other hand, renting is appropriate if it’s a one-time job, or you don’t intend to use your sprayer all that often.
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Let’s now consider how these things actually work. Airless paint sprayers use a powerful motor to pump the paint through the hose and out the specially-formed tip, releasing the paint in the pattern you prefer. There are various kinds of tips, but they are all designed to send the paint out in a wide pattern so that it covers a wide area. Once you get some practice, it won’t be hard to paint walls, doors, and even furniture with a professional-looking outcome. Above all, the impressive speed of these devices ensures that you will be able to work efficiently. Whether you are a single DIY enthusiast or an experienced professional painter, you’ll be able to complete large jobs if you own an airless sprayer.
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In spite of all that, you should also know that airless sprayers can come with certain downsides. First of all, not all the particles that are sprayed out successfully adhere to the surface you’re spraying. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, considerable amounts can end up tarnishing spots you didn’t mean to paint at all. Depending on what kind of work you’re doing, you can end up wasting a decent percentage of the overall volume. This leads naturally to the second shortcoming, which is that you must spend time covering up everything in the area that you’re not painting. You might think that keeping your work outdoors would limit any danger, but there’s always the risk of paint residue ending up on plants or other peoples’ property. At the end of the day, you also have to take some more time to clean up the hose, the spray gun, and even the pump. This could be an extra benefit of renting, since you can avoid cleaning the sprayer’s filters if you don’t own the unit. Despite all of this, airless paint sprayers are often perfect for large, repeated jobs.