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What to Look for in Shower Filters Based on recent studies, they have shown that people get exposed to chlorine the least they expect it such as when they are doing showers. If you set your shower to a hot temperature setting, while water flows through your shower, you are also allowing chlorine to vaporize into the air. Since your pores are easily open when you shower in warm temperature, chlorine can easily penetrate them while at the same time, you will be inhaling it into your lungs. Just taking 10 minutes worth of shower has increased your chances of being exposed to chlorine than having to drink water in a day from an unfiltered tap water. Shower filters have become very important because of the exposure of people to chlorine as well as other materials that will be dangerous to their health such as heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. Things to consider when getting filter media Kinetic Degradation Fluxion or KDF is what you should expect to get when you choose the best shower filters that are being sold in the current market. KDF is the method employed in shower filters where with the help of their negative and positive ionic charges, chlorine, contaminants, and heavy metals easily get attracted to them. When water flows out of the shower and into the filter, the KDF will generate an electrical current releasing zinc and copper granules to help transform the chlorine content to be harmless when exposed to humans. In terms of KDF filters attracting heavy metals, the result will be the elimination of colors, sulfur smell, as well as odd tastes.
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There are time where KDF filters will work hand in hand with activated charcoals in shower filters. The copper and zinc that is found in KDF filters are capable of preventing the growth of molds and bacteria. KDF filters have become the go to filter media among modern-day showers because the still work their magic when there is high water flow and high temperature as well. Compared with activated charcoal filters only, KDF filters have been shown to last longer. KDF filters have the capability to filter thousands of gallons of water which can last up to a maximum of one year. But, you can expect them to last less than a year if they are always filtering out increased sediment levels.
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Cost expectations with shower filters If you are on a tight budget, then you can always choose the regular shower filters costing around fifty dollars each. However, for these types of shower filters, you may be needing to replace them at least three times in one year. When you choose shower filters comprised of activated charcoal, then the effectivity of their filters will last a short time while the KDF filters will last longer than eight months.