How to Choose a Door Stop

Finding a high quality door stop may not sound like it should be too hard. However, choosing the wrong one can leave floors scuffed up, or worse, fail to function as intended and end with someone getting locked out of the room. When searching for the right product, property owners can simply follow the advice below to ensure that they end up satisfied.

Think About Size

Door stops should be large, particularly if they are intended for use in rooms that have doors with high clearance. If the product is too short, the door will simply swing over it. If it isn’t thick enough or heavy enough, the door will sweep it out of the way. In any of these circumstances, consumers are throwing their money away on products that don’t get the job done. Any product chosen should also have a low profile tip, as this will allow it to function in doors that have an exceptionally low clearance as well.

Look For Versatility

Think about what kind of material the product is fabricated from. Will it work on all different surfaces, including wood, carpets, or concrete? It doesn’t make sense to buy a product that can only be used in one circumstance, when it’s easy and inexpensive to buy one that could be re-purposed over and over again.

Reasonable Price

There is no reason for door stops to be elaborate and expensive. The most important thing is that they function as intended, not that they make a stylish statement about the homeowner. Don’t sacrifice quality for a low bottom-line, but keep in mind that frivolous and extravagant products are often the least effective when it comes to performing a specific job well and consistently.

Product Guarantees

Companies that produce high-quality home goods sometimes offer satisfaction guarantees. This is a good indicator of confidence. If enough previous customers have been satisfied with their orders to keep the company in business, then it’s a good bet that they are onto something. A company that doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee shouldn’t necessarily be considered completely out of the running, but having one is a happy bonus.