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Role of the HVAC Systems

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is an indoor system meant to provide cooling and heating services for buildings. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system are required to be combined for heating and cooling in a building. Indoor air quality and appropriate thermal temperature are enhanced when an HVAC system is installed in a building. The HVAC system can be used in both residential and commercial setting including apartments, hotels, single-family homes, and hospitals. Air quality and cooling is enhance by ventilating a building where outdoor air replaces indoor air. The purpose of ventilation is to cool a room and remove odors, smoke, dust, heat, airborne bacteria and other gases that may accumulate in a room.

Air conditioning system are installed in rooms to enhance humidity and cooling of a building. Most air conditioning systems are installed in buildings where the other ventilations are sealed since in case they are open they disrupt the system. The disruption would hinder the proper working of the system hence inability to maintain indoor air conditions that are constant. The system works in a way that fresh air from outside is drawn in via a vent into the heat exchange section where a positive air pressure is created. The vent also enhances removal of heat from the building using various processes including radiation, conduction and convention.

High temperature heating systems referred to as furnaces are common for heating and the fuel is usually combustion of a fuel or by electricity. The major purpose of a furnace is to provide a heating in a living area by the use of an intermediary distribution system. Other uses of furnaces from heating a room is the heating of washing and bathing water. In the recent past, furnaces used a passive air circulation system in the heating of a room. In the passive air circulation system, cooler air sinks since it is heavy while heated air moves up into the room. Fans are used in the modern furnaces to help pull cooler air from a building, reheats the air and releases it warming the building.

HVAC systems in the air heating and air conditioning are beneficial for use in a building. The systems are energy efficient utilizing minimal amount of energy hence saving on the amount of power used and consequently lower cost of electricity. The HVAC systems also ensures that there is appropriate temperature that is comfortable in a building. Odors, harmful gases and also harmful air-borne microorganisms are removed by a HVAC system ensuring clean air for living. HVAC repair is also essential to ensure that it runs efficiently at all times to ensure proper air quality and temperature in a building. Specialized professionals are needed for HVAC repair since they have proper tools and equipment.

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