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When any of your family members is suffering from drug addiction, it can be so devastating.When you family member finally decides to stop taking drugs and undergo detox, it brings a great relieve to you and your entire family. the battle does not end at agreeing to stop drugs since there is more that needs to be done. Once the family member agrees to stop, then they need to undergo a detox which can help them overcome drugs completely, although the process is so engaging Thankfully, you also have a role to play to enable the victim undergo the process of drug detox with ease

Don’t fall under the temptation of trying home detox as you need doctors guidance and the necessary facilities to enable such task. Some of the drugs are not safe to detox since they may have a negative effect on you and therefore, they require the guidance of an expert in that area. Always consult from your doctor or nearest detox center in case you want to do a home detox and they will be in a position to advice you accordingly on what to do.

As much as detox is very important, its not a cure for addiction. Besides detox, your family member need to improve on behaviors, work on stress and identify the reasons that lend them to abuse drugs for them not to repeat the same again.

Take time off and allow people to help you. The first days when you are in detox can be really tough on you. You family member will be battling some very powerful cravings and some strong physical withdrawal syndromes.During such trial and difficult times, it is best to spend enough time with your loved one. a safe withdrawal and guard against relapsing is what this achieves during the first few days.

Your loved one needs to manage the pain and also discomfort while withdrawing.Help them to do this easily.Many withdrawal symptoms will be experienced by your loved one. The type of drug, duration of exposure and the quantity of the drug has a major influence in all this.

Your loved one needs your encouragement to take the right meals. If your loved one has any signs of vomiting, diarrhea or fever, take precautions of dehydration.

It will be important to help your loved one to be distracted from any cravings he might have. You will also need to help your loved one to be distracted from any cravings he might have. The sobriety of your loved one is at stake when it comes to intense cravings. If your family member is struggling with cravings, you can help him by occupying him with activities so as to distract him. Toxic people should be kept far from your home.

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