A City Preparing for the Super Bowl

The Minneapolis-St. Paul area is no stranger to large-scale events. In 2008, the Republican National Convention was held there. This brought more than 40,000 people to the Twin Cities. When the Ryder Cup was held, a quarter of a million people found their way to Chaska. However, all of these events pale in comparison to what the Twin Cities will expect when the Super Bowl arrives in February 2018.

It is expected that during the days leading up to the Super Bowl, more than a million people will flock to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. This is because the Super Bowl is not just a one-day event. It is a week-long celebration. During this week, people are enjoying food, enjoying time with friends, and getting psyched up for what is arguably one of the most important sporting events in history.

Many of the individuals who are going to find themselves in the Twin Cities area are going to be from neighboring states. As a way of welcoming these individuals, the Twin Cities is transforming itself and creating what has been dubbed a Disneyland for football lovers. Every major business in the Twin Cities, from the Mall of America to the shops on Nicolet Mall, will be prepared to make the Twin Cities area an inviting environment for people to be in.

It is estimated that a little over 60,000 people will see the Super Bowl live at the stadium in Minneapolis. Each one of these individuals will walk through the specialized turnstiles that were built for this venue. Unquestionably, after such a large event, the maintenance crew at the stadium will need to purchase extra turnstile parts.

The Super Bowl is a special event. It is a time when people are able to get together with their friends, enjoy a good game, and enjoy delicious food and entertainment. The Twin Cities is an excellent venue for this event because it is home to amazing restaurants and has a very vibrant and exciting nightlife.

The Twin Cities has things for every member of the family, regardless of their age or their taste. The only downside may be the cold weather. But for fans of the game, the cold weather has never been a hindrance. Regardless of who wins, fans from all sides will likely enjoy themselves whether they see the game in person in the Twin Cities or they are watching the game from their respective homes.