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Family Recipes Remedy: Best Kitchen Gadgets Tips and Tricks

Are you stuck in same old routine when preparing family recipe in your kitchen?Is your kitchen is not motivating you enough when you are preparing your family food favorites? This article is rich with tips and tricks and a list for the cool kitchen gadgets today for those busy moms and dads. This list will change your kitchen life. These new gadgets will surely make your kids motivated to help you in the kitchen too.

This is the cool kitchen gadgets list of 2017.

1.Egg Molds. These egg molds are fun to use in the kitchen. They come in all sorts of designs. To use this, boil an egg, peel it, place it into the mold while it is still hot. Clamp it shut and wait for about 3 minutes before opening the clamp. Your kids will enjoy all the different designs for these molded eggs.

2.Avocado SIicer. If a guacamole-based food is one of your favorite recipes then preparing an avocado is very important. Avocados can be a little bit tricky to slice. But you don’t have to worry because this gadget is best for this purpose. To use this avocado slicer on your fruit, first you need to cut your avocado in half then place the slice on top of it. A scooping motion is needed to produce avocado slices.

3.Banana Slicer. If you are an athlete who loves running outdoors each morning you will have to make bananas your friend. Since it is packed with multivitamins and minerals that our body needs. This is probably the easiest gadget to use among the list of cool kitchen gadgets of 2017. To create perfect slices, place the banana into the gadget and clamp it shut. It is important to remember that the curves of this gadget is sharp, so be careful using this.

4.Corn Stripper. The corn stripper is number four in the cool kitchen gadgets list if you are game for some Mexican roasted corn tonight. Cutting corn will never be the same with this corn stripper. It is going to be easy to strip the kernels off the cob by pushing the blade aligned at the root of the kernels.

5.Cut Resistant Glove. To make sure that you won’t have to worry again about cutting yourself while preparing your family’s favorite recipe just use this cut resistant gloves. This glove is made from micro-stainless steel wire covered with high-strength fibers to ensure maximum protection.

6.Peeling Potato Glove. It is necessary to have the sixth placer on the cool kitchen gadgets list if you are planning to cook some slow cooker scalloped potatoes for dinner. It is used for peeling vegetables, potatoes, and scaling fish too. You can do the same with fish if you want some fried salmon for tonight.

These cool kitchen gadgets are easy to use.