A Beginners Guide To Cocktails

A Guide for Choosing the Best Cocktail Bar

Going out for a whole night of fun will likely involve bar hoping and lounging at cocktail bars. The tips we have can help you better pick out great cocktail bars from the mediocre ones.

Quality of the Ingredients

There are cocktail bars out there that actually use fresh local ingredients, thus their menu may change depending on the season. Compared to all the other average lounges, these cocktail bars can offer a whole new drinking experience thanks to their experimental menu; people on a hunt for a truly unique drink should definitely go for these speciality lounge. If you stumble upon a cocktail bar that boasts the freshness of their locally supplied ingredients tend to also prioritise the artistic side of their drinks. In case you don’t really pay attention to the presentation, you’ll still have some of the freshest cocktail drinks in the area.
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The Cocktail Bar’s Location
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The location is a pretty straightforward tip to take into account; the closer the cocktail bar to your home or hotel, the more convenient. Even if you don’t choose the closest cocktail bar, you might want to go for a cocktail bar that’s not that far away in case you have to call a taxi home. Aside from a faster travelling time, there are safety benefits to choosing a closer cocktail bar; family and friends can quickly drive to the cocktail bar in case you need anything. We all have our own opinion when it comes to the distance that we’re comfortable with, so it’s perfectly alright to listen to your gut instinct.

Menu Choices

Planning for a party of event can be incredibly fun, until you realise just how different people’s tastes can be; finding a menu for everyone can be an absolute nightmare. Don’t forget to study the menu of all your potential cocktail bars.

Overall Affordability

In reality, it’s actually quite rare to see both words ‘affordable’ and ‘cocktails’ in a single sentence. Even the most expensive and exclusive cocktail bars out there have varying price ranges. As the plans for your night out or party goes along and you think that affordable cocktail bars are the sure way to go then you might want to cross out all the high end cocktail bars that you initially wanted to go to.

The Skill in Mixology

Most of the time, mixology is just assumed to be a fancy new word for the act of ‘mixing cocktails.’ But in reality, mixology has earned its spot as a separate form of art that basically improves cocktails from simple drinks to masterpieces. Mixology combines innovative techniques with amazing ingredients in creating their masterpieces that customers and clients wholeheartedly enjoy.