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Should You Stay in Luxury Hotels or Go for Budget Hotels Instead?

Providing paid short term lodging is the simplest definition for hotels. Throughout its early years, the accommodations were pretty basic such as a washstand, a cupboard and of course, a bed. In an effort of hotels to make life convenient during the stay of their guests, they have equipped their rooms with modern facilities. Aside from bathrooms, there are also air conditioning, television, telephone, mini-bar with drinks and snacks as well as Wi-Fi for easy internet access.

The truth is, there have been major changes in hotel accommodations as time pass by. Regardless of what your specific requirements are and spending budget of course, there are many hotels that are sure to fit what you’re looking for. There are basically two types of hotels today and these namely are budget hotels and luxury hotels. Even though these two hotels offer the same amenities and facilities, it is undeniable that they have significant differences.

Let us look at what budget hotels are. As the name implies, such hotels were made for travelers and guests who have limited budget and for that, like to spend as little as possible. Rooms in these hotels are everything that a person needs similar to washing and bed facilities while most have communal toilets.

A big number of budget hotels in operation today are old and clean but, it can’t match the standards that are being followed by luxury hotels. Some budget hotels are also equipped with fixtures and they don’t offer anything except free newspaper or simple breakfast which is at times included in the price they’re charging guests.

The rates for a budget hotel will greatly vary depending on their location. In other states and countries, budget hotels might charge clients anywhere around 45 to 119 dollars per day.

When compared to luxury hotels, people who have lavish and extravagant lifestyle are the frequent guests. Employees working at these hotels are trained in catering everything that the guests need. All throughout their stay, guests are showered with all the luxuries desired. The way how these hotels are built is to ensure that all guests would have a stress free stay. In addition to that, basic amenities in luxurious rooms are equipped with spas that offer massages, swimming pools, beauty centers which offer wide range of treatments, gyms with the latest exercise equipment, laundry service, restaurants and in-house bars.

These services are of course come with a price and you better come prepared when staying in such. Other services that you could have in luxury hotels consist of free newspaper, free room service, better channel selections on your TV and a lot more.

Basically, it all depends on your requirements whether to stay in luxury hotels or budget hotels.

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